English: A small box of Kleenex.

English: A small box of Kleenex. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fuzzy teeth?  Yes, my teeth, gums, tongue feel fuzzy. Head colds can do that to you.  I thought back this morning, I think I have been sick three times this year, or maybe four.  The last was a sinus infection that only sent me to bed for a day.  That was back in September.

This head cold has had me sleeping most of the last 3 days.  Bed ridden is an accurate description of my battle with this little bug.  Delusional and deranged dreams have plagued me from the start.  Imagination running wild, fueled by fever.  Yes, for those fellow writers, I did take notes.  Ideas that may go no where, or may prove fruitful when I am at a loss for something to write.

Let me give kudos to the kid unit who put me to bed when Dad had a late night.  Said kid saw that I had fluids, tissues, vapor gunk, pain reliever/fever reducer, tucking me in and ordering me to sleep.  Almost grown and no longer a small unit, but nearly a grown up one.  It was bittersweet.  Moms will understand that.

Another pat on the back, deserved by the Dad, who cleaned up the house, made sure I had all of the above at bedside before leaving for work, along with a variety of flavored fluids.  In a make-me-feel-better borrowed t-shirt of his, I realize the only thing that felt good about being ill, is being cared for by my family.

Don’t be misled into thinking I haven’t brushed my teeth daily, several times in fact.  No matter how often or how hard, my teeth still felt fuzzy.  It is that sick film, that miserable feeling, removing all doubt that you are not well, and should be sleeping.  This morning is the first time in days I weakly feel human again.

This is the start of the climb back into feeling good.  One that has required needs of many naps along the way.  Time and rest are strict to do taskmasters.

That is all I can come up with, sorry to disappoint.  I know this is/was a minor illness, and that so many suffer from far more debilitating and destructive diseases.  My prayers went up each day, every waking moment for their peace and recovery.  We are all frail in this world. I have been reminded of that.  Peace be with you.


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